Hifu is a non-surgical technique for Tightening face and nick, Immediate and noticeable impression, fast technique and no need for recovery

* The technique of the Hifu is useful for patients who suffer from an undefined jaw line, flaccid skin around the mouth or the eyes, double chin or thin lines and wrinkles. So today you can get rid of it easily without surgery with the Hifu technique

* During the process

*There will be a communication between the doctor and the patient about the parts of the body that need to be tightened

* The gel will be applied on the areas that will be tightened
* Specified layers that will be tightened will have special tips according to the Hifu

* The Hifu will spot the ultrasonic using the handgrip on the areas
* The patient will feel a sort of pressure or warmth in the skin during the process
* The process will take from 20 to 30 minutes to finish the whole face

* After the process
* The patient will be able to their normal daily routine after the process

* Rest and recovery won’t be necessary

* Redness and swelling may occur after the process and the patient may feel the need to itch that will disappear after a while
* Your skin will tighten immediately after the process

* The collagen will take its shape after the first session and the results of the tightening will appear clearly for three months after the process