Mesotherapy treatment depends on injecting natural substances and vitamins into skin to treat specific skin complications. Mesotherapy treatment is used all over the world to improve skin complexion and to treat effectively various skin issues with a more naturalistic method.
Why do we use Mesotherapy?
• Skin rejuvenation and skin youth

Natural vitamins are injected into skin to produce more collagen and stimulate blood circulation. This procedure reduces wrinkles and keeps skin fresh and young.

• Cellulite

Mesotherapy treats cellulite problem in different parts of the body and with different degrees. It is an alternative to painful surgical procedures. Mesotherapy treatment for cellulite is used for visible or invisible cellulites.

• Spider veins

Mesotherapy treatment is an ideal treatment for blood spiders and blood veins, injecting Mesotherapy make these veins shrinks and disappear.

• Fat loss and body sculpturing

Mesotherapy is used to treat fats in different parts of the body.

• Hair follicles strengthening

This treatment helps us to increase hair thickness and reduce hair fall through injecting the scalp.

Mesotherapy side effects:
Here are some of the complications that might occur after Metsotherapy injection:

• Swelling and puffiness:

This happens as a result of needles injection (this may be healed in one or two days)

• Sense of pain

Some patients may experience a sense of pain. This varies according to patient`s sensitivity, treated area, the needles and the materials used through treatment.

• Bruises

Bruises occur as a result of blood vessels in the treated area.

• Allergic reactions:

This may occur right after the procedure or maybe after sometime. Patients may experience allergic reactionto specific materials or drugs used through treatment.

• Infection and microbial infections:

As a result of insufficient sterilization process.

Patients who cannot submit Mesotherapy treatment:

• Pregnant women and nursing mothers.
• Persons with diabetes associated with insulin.
• Persons who have a personal history of lung cancer
• Persons who have a history of stroke injury patient’s blood or blood-related diseases.
• Persons who take blood-thinning drugs.
• People who eat a range of heart medications
• People who have a history of heart diseases.
• Persons who suffer from stroke.


I. PRP injection
PRP Therapy involve no foreign materials, and harness the regenerative power of your blood cells and your body’s own repair processes, how brilliant is that! utilizing your body’s own unique ‘self-heal’ mechanism to repair and rejuvenate damaged skin and boost collagen for facial skin improvement and a more youthful-looking complexion, Knowing 110% that it’s all natural given that it was drawn from our own humanly vessels.