Dermal Fillers General Information
Skin aging makes the dermis loses its essential component: collagen, elastin, and hyalorunic acid. Filler treatment is used for filling up the depressed areas of your body as well as for providing appropriate lifts where required or desired. Dermal filler treatment involving the use of Dermal Fillers is one of the best ways to regain skin youth as they are an appropriate alternative to surgical face lifts, with a privilege that dermal fillers give us more of a natural look than surgical face lift do .This is why dermal fillers are becoming very popular nowadays .They help to reduce wrinkles, enhance lips, raise scars, and replace soft-tissue volume loss. By and large it can be attributed that the Dermal Filler Treatment involving the dermal fillers is a great technique to tackle the skin issues and to reverse aging changes.
Types of Dermal Fillers:

Nowadays the Dermal Filler Treatment incorporates different types of fillers such as poly lactic acid, collagen based fillers, calcium hydroxyl apatite fillers, and hyalorunic acid based fillers. Moreover with improvements in Filler Treatments and the development of cosmetic techniques will help provide us with new methods of treatment.

All these afore mentioned types of fillers are very helpful to regain skin youth, but there are some differences between them related to duration time, results, and ways of acting. Technically there is no one suitable filler best suited for all areas but we can use the appropriate type for different areas. At times your doctor may use multiple fillers according to what he finds suitable for his patient and for the treated area.

Through this procedure the doctor will use a needle to inject the fillers into wrinkles and scars. An irritation might happen at the treated area but it will disappear after a short time and the patient will be able to continue his daily activities as dermal fillers don`t cause major troubles after injection.

Dermal fillers last from 3 months to five years according to the filler type and treated area. For example hyalorunic acid based fillers last longer than collagen based products. There is a product called Art fill and this product gives us the longest duration between fillers , but in case we didn`t get the required result ,we will need a surgical removal.

In dermal filler treatment we recommend you choose a skillful, experienced, and reputable specialist to avoid complications and to achieve the required results. In addition to that he will recommend you about the best choice of the dermal fillers for you.

Some of the side effects for dermal fillers are bruising, allergic reaction, redness, or swelling at the treated area, but these effects rarely happen, and in case one of these effects occurs it disappears after a short time.

Specialist fees can vary according to the quality of treatment and the technique he uses. So it is fair to say that if your doctor will provide you with the best satisfying results, you can simply relax and leave him decides about the best choices for you.

Facial Dermal Fillers
Facial dermal fillers give youthful appearance to the injected areas at the face. They are injected in lips for more volume and they are used alsofor smile lines, fine lines above the mouth, frown lines, and scars. With these fillers we can achieve more natural look than surgical face lift.

Dermal Fillers classes:
There are two classes for dermal fillers: permanent and temporal. Permanent fillers like silicone. Previously using silicone dermal fillers caused decades in some cases .But nowadays there are new techniques for silicone use to avoid this problem.
Also there are many temporal fillers like, Hydroxylapatite, hyalorunic acid, sculptra, fat, and collagen.
Collagen Fillers
Collagen is the major support protein for skin and this constituent decrease by aging. So collagen injection gives us natural appearance and it doesn`t need healing time .An allergy might occur in some cases.