Botox Treatment is considered the magical solution for wrinkles. It has fast and excellent consequences. Botox Treatment is also used for many other indications and is very helpful at times.
Here are some of its uses:
Botox treatment has proved to be a very helpful way of treating migraine headaches. One point of view is that the Botox treatment tackles the migraine with the relaxing effect of muscle. Whereas another point of view is that Botox has an effect on the pain transmitters in the face.
Excessive Sweating:
Excessive sweating is considered an embarrassing problem for many people, and in spite of the fact that it isn`t a cosmetic problem but Botox can offer the solution for it. So, using Botox to reduce sweating in areas like (underarms, the palm of hands, the forehead, and the soles of the feet) is an effective solution that lasts up to eight months.
We think that Botox Treatment is a very reasonable solution to reduce chest lines in mild cases, in spite of that it isn`t an alternative for surgery.
Nose, Gummy Smile:
Aging causes nose droop and this will make it look longer than usual, so injecting a small amount of Botox in the tip of the nose will solve the problem through relaxing the muscle that causes this droop. Botox also treats the tiny problem of Gummy Smile and this spares patients from surgery.