Acne Scars acne scarring

Scars or acne scars are a reaction to the infection in the skin that surrounds the acne. The tissue which surrounds acne is destroyed through the process of healing, so the skin around the acne becomes thicker or thinner as a result of Fibrosis. The way to go about it is to consult your dermatologist and get advantage from the well established Acne Scars treatment. Acne scars treatment or Acne Scarring Treatment helps you to get rid of the unwanted and embarrassing scars from your face or body.
Dark spots
We sometimes suffer from dark spots around the acne. These spots are called scarring and they are a result of the infection in the skin around the acne. These dark spots or discoloration may last for several months. Your solution here is to adopt the precise treatment of Acne scarring in order to stop the acne from spreading.
Treatment options
The best treatment for scars is protection, but in case we got scars there are many treatments available nowadays:
o Dermabrasionm
o Laser Resurfacing.
o Subcision
o Punch excision and grafting.
o Fillers.
o Chemical Peels.
o Carbon Peeling ( Spectra)
o Mirco Needles ( Ultracel)
Acne discoloration treatment
o Topical creams
Bleaching creams can improve this complication, also creams that contain Retin-A or a mixture of hydroquinone with tretinoin plus a cortisone cream.
The most common side effects caused by using these creams are irritation and redness.
o Chemical Peels
This treatment has an effective consequences in improving acne discoloration.
o Microdermabrasion
This method is used for acne and pigmentations caused by acne. In this treatment, aluminum oxide crystals are applied on skin then it is sucked up. This method improves patient`s skin by making it smoother.